Cataract surgery isn't as scary as one thinks, and most of the time, it's something that is necessary to repair eyesight. With the latest technology, equipment and techniques at our disposal, cataract surgery can be performed with ease.


Dr McClunan has access to the latest laser guidance systems that are available to ensure remarkable precision. 

What’s a typical procedure like?

A typical cataract procedure is a simple outpatient procedure. You will need to arrive at the hospital 60 minutes before the procedure to be prepared for theatre. Preparation involves instilling drops in the eye to numb the eye, dilate the pupil and sterilise the surface of the eye. When you arrive in theatre, an anaesthetist will give you sedation or anaesthetic as lightly or deeply as you need. Dr McClunan then performs the cataract extraction using an advanced ophthalmic operating microscope and sophisticated phacoemulsification system, which uses fluid pressures and ultrasound to remove the cataract. 

After removal of the cataract, a new artificial intraocular lens which is custom chosen to work with your eye and your visual needs, is implanted into the eye. The acrylic lens cannot be felt or seen after implantation and stays in the eye lifelong. The whole procedure should be painless and only takes around 10 minutes. The procedure does not involve the use of any stitches or injections around the eye. Once your procedure is finished, you will go back to the ward and will be ready for discharge.


Your Questions Answered

We have compile a list of some of our most frequently asked questions to give you more information on the conditions we treat and the procedures we perform.


What our Patients have to say

"There was never a shadow of doubt in my mind that I had chosen the right specialist. I can honestly say my eyesight can now be compared with that of a teenager. For those of you, regardless of your age, that need any sort of eye treatment, I have no hesitation in saying - look no further."

- John Wittstock, Cataract

"My goal is to provide a world-class service which ensures every patient leaves my practice feeling happier than when they first walked in"

Dr Daemon McClunan