Dr Daemon McClunan is a

specialist ophthalmologist

Dr Daemon McClunan is a specialist ophthalmologist based in Cape Town who manages complex cataract and glaucoma using the latest minimally invasive techniques. Dr McClunan also performs refractive procedures such as implantable contact lenses and manages all other general eye conditions. 



As a


in his field of ophthalmology, Dr McClunan is at the forefront of research and technology.
He is the founder of LIQID Medical and the Atlantic Eye Centre.



Your Questions Answered

We have compile a list of some of our most frequently asked questions to give you more information on the conditions we treat and the procedures we perform.


What our Patients have to say

"There was never a shadow of doubt in my mind that I had chosen the right specialist. I can honestly say my eyesight can now be compared with that of a teenager. For those of you, regardless of your age, that need any sort of eye treatment, I have no hesitation in saying - look no further."

- John Wittstock, Cataract

"My goal is to provide a world-class service which ensures every patient leaves my practice feeling happier than when they first walked in"

Dr Daemon McClunan