Dr Daemon McClunan provides high-quality eye care to his patients using the latest technology and techniques available. Through his wide expertise and knowledge, he solves general ophthalmology issues.


Using eye exam equipment, Dr McClunan is able to detect the most common vision problems, which include:

  • Nearsightedness: Nearsightedness is a common problem that happens when an image is focussed just in front of the retina and doesn't create a clear picture. Objects directly in front of the eye are clear, while objects further away in the distance are blurry. The cornea and lens are vital structures that work together to produce clear images on the retina. Nearsightedness occurs when the strength of the cornea is too strong or the length of the eye is too long. Spectacles, contact lenses, LASIK laser or surgery can be used to treat nearsightedness.
  • Farsightedness: When the cornea is flat or the eyeball is short, light is focussed at a point behind the retina. We refer to this shortfall as farsightedness, also known as hyperopia. Images of objects in front of the eye are hazy while those far away can be seen. Like nearsightedness, the effects of farsightedness can be resolved through the use of spectacles, contact lenses, LASIK laser or surgery.
  • Astigmatism: When the cornea is shaped like a rugby ball rather than a soccer ball, light is not focussed properly in the eye. Two images form instead of one, which results in a single blurry image. Often, astigmatism accompanies nearsightedness and farsightedness. Spectacles, contact lenses, LASIK laser or surgery correct this issue. 
  • Presbyopia: Presbyopia is the inability to see objects near the eye. Age is the primary reason for presbyopia which occurs in a person's forties and worsens during the late sixties. As we age, our eye lenses harden. Our lens becomes less flexible and, therefore, cannot alter its shape to focus on pictures that are close to the eye. Spectacles, contact lenses, LASIK laser or surgery, can correct presbyopia in certain patients.
Let's take care of your eyes.

Whether it’s a general check-up or any other issues related to eye care, Dr McClunan can help restore vision. Dr McClunan focuses on general ophthalmology issues and performs advanced surgeries to treat cataracts and glaucoma. 


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We have compile a list of some of our most frequently asked questions to give you more information on the conditions we treat and the procedures we perform.


What our Patients have to say

"There was never a shadow of doubt in my mind that I had chosen the right specialist. I can honestly say my eyesight can now be compared with that of a teenager. For those of you, regardless of your age, that need any sort of eye treatment, I have no hesitation in saying - look no further."

- John Wittstock, Cataract

"My goal is to provide a world-class service which ensures every patient leaves my practice feeling happier than when they first walked in"

Dr Daemon McClunan